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Types of Transportation Jobs You Can Apply For Right Now

Transportation JobsTransportation jobs actually cover a wider net of things than you may think. Loosely defined, it’s a job where you move goods and/or people from one place to another using some vehicle or another, from horse drawn carriage to airplane! Transportation jobs can also fall under logistics as well; some drivers have to do logistical things as well such as plan the correct routes, find ways to save time and money while transporting goods and people around and generally ensuring that things are as smooth as possible. However, at its core, this industry is about getting people and things from Point A to Point B. If you’re outgoing, can handle the right vehicles, are responsible, organized, and enjoy bombing around a town, province/state or even country, could transportation jobs be where you should pitch your resume?

There are two broad areas of transportation: goods and people. Which area is right for you and which job looks appealing?

People in Motion: Transportation of Humans

No, there are (hopefully!) no humans stacked like cordwood in the back of a truck! Instead, transportation in the human sector generally covers the following jobs:

  • Bus driver
  • Chauffeur
  • Taxi driver
  • Pilot
  • Cruise ship captain (and staff)
  • Tourism drivers such as wagon drivers, carriage drivers etc.
  • Train conductors (passenger)
  • Notice that most of these will also cross into the realm of transporting goods; for example, you could be a train conductor of a passenger train or a train conductor of a train transporting goods. Ditto for pilot. But these jobs here do involve taking people from Point A to Point B and beyond.

    What requirements do you need to land one of these jobs?

  • The correct license. You have to be licensed to drive the vehicle you’re driving, whether it is a cab or a train. These licenses force you to take special training in safety, vehicle upkeep and of course, how to drive the vehicle of your choice properly! Licenses take a certain amount of time to obtain and do cost money, plus keep in mind that you have to update them periodically.
  • Meet the legal requirements (aside from a license). This can include a clean driving record, clean criminal record check, clean drug history and being at least the age of majority.
  • Be organized, friendly, and able to work well under pressure, decisive, patient and enjoy traveling! Without these personality traits, you’ll just be miserable as a driver and end up hating people and vehicles!
  • Transporting humans around can be incredibly stressful; after all, you’re carrying lives around which depend on you to get them safely to where they need to go. You may also end up dealing with a wide range of people, from friendly and polite passengers to angry drunks to people who blame you for everything. It’s not easy, but if you enjoy running around a town or around the world, then moving humans around may be for you.

    Stuff in Motion: Transportation of Goods

    Less sure about people but still like to travel? Then transporting goods may be right for you. Jobs in this sector of transportation include:

  • Truck driver
  • Pilot
  • Train conductor
  • Delivery person
  • Jobs in this sector will have you moving goods around, from parcels around a city to foodstuffs across the country and more! There is far less human interaction-at best, you may be asking for signatures for parcels and getting help loading and unloading goods, but if you prefer this, then it may be right for you. The requirements to work in this sector are pretty much identical to that of working with passengers: the right licenses, a clean background legally speaking, the ability to stay organized, know your routes so that you can get around quickly, be good under pressure, be adaptable and being able to survive off of four hours of sleep without risking your cargo is an asset if you’re a long run trucker!

    Keep in mind that there are plenty of jobs in moving goods around and the ones listed above are very broad. A truck driver could move everything from furniture around a city to logs across the country, so make sure you choose a niche that you feel you can work in and enjoy.

    Just like moving humans around, moving goods around can be stressful too. The hours can be extremely long, you’ll still have to deal with people who are in a hurry, are cranky, and will probably have to deal with problematic weather while having others blame you if things are late. Many long haul truckers are short on sleep and have health problems while delivery drivers have to know their city inside and out to figure out the best routes around. Again though, if you enjoy driving and you enjoy bringing stuff around, then this could be the job for you.

    Transportation jobs are very widespread and they aren’t going anywhere-at least not until we find a way to make teleportation happen!

    If you feel comfortable in vehicles and you enjoy moving stuff (or people) all over the place, then working in transportation may be right for you, so brush up on your licenses, clean up your records, and see where this job will lead you! Good luck.