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Selling Yourself to Land a Sales Job

Sales JobsThe interview process for any career or job is all about pitching yourself and your abilities to an employer in such a way that they will want to hire you and this is no less (and even more) important when landing a job in sales. Indeed, while other careers may use the interview as a way to flesh out your resume, in sales, you are expected to sell your very first product: yourself! And that means doing a very good job in your sales pitch because if you can sell yourself, chances are pretty good you can sell whatever it is you will be pitching to customers. So how can you pull this off and land the sales job of your dreams without pulling your hair out or stressing (too much) about it?

Selling What You Love-Besides Yourself!

One of the big keys to succeeding in your interview-and by extension your job-is to make sure you choose to sell things you actually feel passionate about. Just about everything is ‘sold’ nowadays, from technology to soap, so you should be able to play to your passions and your strengths instead of trying to force yourself to sell something you don’t believe in.

Before you start poking around, looking for interviews and jobs, it’s important to take stock of your own passions and what you enjoy selling. What do you like to do in your spare time? What do you follow in the news and in social media? What can you discuss and help others with? Answering these and other questions can really help you narrow down what you can sell best.

Once you do that, you can then turn outward with your research by looking at the companies with which you want to apply and learn all about what they offer, how they offer it, what their selling polices are and anything else you’d like to know, plus compile a good list of questions for your interview to show your interest in what you’ll be selling. You should also see about contacting the company’s sales department (be upfront about what you’re doing) and ask someone there questions about what the company does. This shows a great level of interest and allows you to best pitch your own sales skills during the interview. After all, you can’t sell yourself as being ideal for the job unless you know exactly what the job will entail!

The Interview

In any interview, it’s important to ask questions and answer them to the best of your ability. In sales, it’s even more important to go into the interview prepared. Take stock of the business culture in the organization you are interviewing with and make sure you are ready to sell your abilities, value and what you have to offer while at the same time asking intelligent questions to show your interest. If you do your homework and sell yourself properly, the interview serves not only as a way to get to know each other, but also as your audition into the world of salesmanship and you really want to make sure you land it!

In the post-interview, it’s still important to follow up with a thank you note and follow up later to see how your job prospects are looking. Keeping yourself in the forefront of the HR department (or hiring manager) is often what makes or breaks a job offer, so keep on top of things.

After selling yourself properly, selling whatever you love shouldn’t be nearly as hard, so land this process and selling things from furniture to clothing should be a snap! Good luck.