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How to Get a Job in Research (Science and Development)

Research and Development JobsThere are many jobs in the field of science and development and one of them is research. Research, Development and science all work together with the goal of pushing the borders of what we know forward so that we can constantly be learning more about the world around us. Research is the first step towards developing something and it’s an important step whether you’re trying to find a cure for a disease, trying to write a new computer program or trying to figure out how to make nanotechnology work! If you love to poke around the nuts and bolts of how things work and how to make them work differently, then research in science or other fields may be just right for you. How can you get a job in this area?

What Skills are Employers Looking for?

Obviously you are going to need a degree in the field of research you wish to work in; science, biology, etc. This degree will need to have some element of lab or technical skills and gives you a good background in science and math. However, because the competition is so fierce for jobs and because it takes quite of bit of cross-disciplines to make the best research, there are a wide range of other skills that most employers will want. These include:

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving
  • Skills in numbers
  • Objective thinking
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Planning
  • Commercial awareness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Plenty of love for your science!
  • A postgraduate degree is also usually a good idea to get, if not outright necessary. A Master’s degree will let you build on your knowledge so that you can do better research and a doctorate lets you specialize so that you become more invaluable. Getting you post-secondary degree is a good idea in any event because it makes you more employable and gives you an edge. Plus, if you love research enough to do it for a living, chances are that going to school and doing more is probably what you’d like to do anyway!

    Getting a Job in Research

    Once you have your education under your belt, it’s time to start looking for work! There are plenty of entry level positions in research and many of them are accessible while you’re doing your studies, making it easy to combine education with making some money. Then you can start looking for jobs through scientific bodies, schools, and other institutions for R&D. You can often find jobs through the internet, newspapers and through your university.

    Once you know where you want to work, it’s time to start brushing up your applications and resumes, make sure you will stand out in the crowd (especially with competitive fields of research) and choose to apply for jobs where you will be a good match, not only for your comfort levels, but also so your employer will want you. Highlight the skills that the employer wants along with good transferable skills, your experience (in school or otherwise), and your education and make sure you carefully research the companies with which you will apply to ensure that you know how you’ll fit and can cater your resume thus.

    Research jobs are great for people who like to learn how things can be put together and how to make the world a better place in the fields of science. It can also be stressful and tedious, depending on what you’re doing! Still, if you like to know the answers to the whys and whats behind innovations, research may be just right for you.