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What Are The Benefits of Working in Real Estate?

Tips for Getting Real Estate JobsWhile the actual market for buying and selling property is often in a state of flux, there will always be a demand for people who can do the buying and selling and that are where those who want to work in real estate come into play! Working in real estate can have some fantastic benefits for you, so how do you break into the field and enjoy them?

What Can I Look Forward To When Working in Real Estate?

Working in real estate can be stressful, but it does have a number of rewards for those who actually work at it. These can include:

  • The ability to work whatever hours you prefer (by and large). Real estate agents often make their own hours because they set the appointments for things like house viewings, paperwork and consultations, based on what customers can do.
  • Unlimited earning potential. Because you work on commission (agents get a percentage of each sale), you can earn as much-or as little-as you care to.
  • Working with plenty of people from all walks of life. Working as an agent means dealing with all kinds of people, from the young couple just starting out to the homeowner looking for investment property to business owners looking for property!
  • Helping people make some of their dreams come true. This is one of a minority of jobs where you get to help people better themselves and make life dreams come true and that alone often make it worth the frustration.
  • Of course it takes the right kind of people to be successful in real estate: you have to be organized, enjoy working with people, be able to ‘sell’ a home to your clients and be able to really dig into what people want most from their living situation so that you can match the perfect people to their perfect house. This certainly isn’t going to describe everyone, but if you think you match, then read on to learn how you can break into this field.

    How do I Become a Real Estate Agent?

    You don’t need a college or university education in order to become a real estate agent, but you will need certification and that means taking a real estate agent training course. The pre-licensing course to work as a real estate agent will differ from state to state; for example, California requires three college level courses whereas Idaho requires two courses totaling 90 hours. And different agencies will have different education requirements, so it’s important to check out the agencies you wish to work in and cater your education to suit.

    Most certification courses will include things such as how to show a home, how to walk clients through the paperwork, the legalities behind the real estate scene, how to read appraisals, negotiation tactics and anything else your state or province requires for real estate agents to be licensed. You will then have to take an exam and may or may not have to join an association of real estate agents. If you don’t have to, it’s still a good idea to simply because of the contacts you can make and the support you receive from others. Once you’ve done that, you can start working for a larger agency or strike out on your own. Either option has its benefits; a larger agency means you have more support and can get mentors and help, striking out on your own means that you literally make your own hours and decide what kind of specialties you have. Either way, it all starts with getting certified.

    Are You the Right Person for the Real Estate Market?

    Working in real estate can be hugely beneficial and really fun, but only for the right people. If you think you might want to work in real estate, take a personal stock first. Good real estate agents are social, organized, enjoy working with people, are able to handle money and paperwork, are good negotiators, can juggle strange schedules, works well with others and enjoys helping others. You should also have a good working knowledge of useful software, be comfortable around technology and be comfortable with being ‘on call’ in terms of making and keeping appointments. If this sounds good to you, then getting started in real estate is a great idea!

    Helping people find their dream home is very rewarding. Get started today and enjoy your new career!