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How to Get a Job as a Quality Control Inspector

Quality Control JobsQuality control is an important step in the creation of any sort of product, from medicine to clothing! Although we often think of things like medicine and food as requiring the most quality control, just about any industry can benefit from a good inspector as it ensures that the standards will be maintained and that customers will get a safer product. If you enjoy testing things, have a logical outlook on the world and have good computer skills, you might enjoy working in quality control, so how can you break into the field?

What do Quality Control Inspectors Do?

A basic overview of quality control would be that someone in this field makes sure that the products going out of the factory meet a certain standard of safety and quality. However, this brief description means a lot more than that. Quality control means making sure everything from the raw materials to the final piece meet safety and quality standards as set down by both the company and the country they work within (and sell within). Quality control inspectors also ensure that the production processes all meet certain standards, conduct testing at various points of creation and work in labs, workshops or offices to conduct their tests and paperwork. They take samples of products, inspect things and discuss and solve problems with their colleagues. Inspectors will also take a close look at things purchased by their company and record the performance of suppliers in order to build databases of good suppliers.

Quality control inspectors will have to use a variety of tests over their career and will also have to use automated systems to test thousands of products quickly. They then have to keep records of all tests and analyze their findings before presenting final reports. And finally, inspectors are usually the ones with the final say on whether or not a product is safe and ready to go. If there’s a problem, they will work with the production staff to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

All of this is a pretty heady responsibility and that means you need to have the right personality and some good training to pull it off!

What Do I Need to Do In Order to Work in Quality Control?

First, take stock of your own skills. Good inspectors will have the following personality traits:

  • Observant
  • Patient
  • Logical and methodical
  • Accurate
  • Good number skills
  • Good computer skills
  • The ability to use equipment like microscopes and testing machines
  • Good people skills and communication skills.
  • There isn’t exactly an education path to take in order to work in quality control; instead, they are generally hired in-house from people who have been working ‘on the floor’ for a while and thus know what the company is looking for. However, there are entry level positions in some companies, usually as a trainee or assistant with on-the-job training. If you’re looking for a job cold, look for things like quality control, quality tester and fault finder because these are all the same job.

    A few quality control jobs do require some education; for example, if you want to work in medicine, having a degree will definitely be an asset. There are also some specialized courses out there and postgraduate courses, though these tend more towards management in control. The most important thing generally is to have good observation skills and be able to run the tests while working well with others to keep everything running smoothly.

    If you have a nit-picky personality, you enjoy running tests and you want to help create the best products, then quality control could be the field for you. Good luck!