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What do You Need to Work In Marketing?

Marketing Job TipsI’ll tell you this much: you don’t necessarily need a degree.

Certainly holding a degree in marketing will help. It will put you ahead of much of the competition, it will make it easier to advance in your career and it will open up more doors. But if you’re looking for a job now and you don’t have enough money or time to go to school just yet but you’re still in love with the idea of marketing, then the good news is that you can get started without a degree. You just have to know how to sell yourself.

What Do You Really Need to Get Work in Marketing?

Studying it is worthwhile, but you can get ahead without it. According to studies done in the early part of the millennium and according to employers, marketing workers come from all different backgrounds, including business, modern language, English, psychology and even history! Sure many hiring people look for people with a four year’s degree in marketing, but others certainly do not and are willing to look outside of the usual box. The key is to showcase how your previous experiences and education helps you become a better marketer and that means really selling yourself and your abilities.

Hold a degree in history? Then you understand (very well) how to communicate your ideas and back up your hypothesis in writing and speech. You can also research very well and find solutions others haven’t thought of. Hold a degree in philosophy? Then showcase your ability to analyze many different arguments and bring ideas together to create something new.

Of course you have to show that you have a general idea of what you’re doing, but you can do that by hitting the books or taking a short course in something related to marketing such as writing, computer skills, social media or other things. This shows that you are definitely interested in learning and in marketing.

And of course, you should show off your experiences in marketing. These can include jobs as a cashier, jobs working in retail and even jobs in a fast food joint-after all, you have to push those specials and help customers out!

Be Willing to Start at the Bottom

If you have no real education in marketing, then you have to take your education from your work experience and that means starting out in entry level jobs. But don’t despair! You may not get paid tons and you may not be able to do all of the things you want to do, but these entry level jobs give you a real insiders look at how marketing works. For example, if you work in office administration, you get a real look at how the paperwork, technology and people all come together to push a product or service. If you work as an assistant to a director, you’ll really get to see what day-to-day affairs look like and how a product or service goes from idea to production and selling. When you show that you can handle the mundane tasks, then you’ll be given more responsibility and be on your way to a career, even without the perfect education for it.

The important things in marketing are things which cannot exactly be taught in a classroom and many companies know that. They are things that are taught through experience: how people think, how to best phrase a sales pitch to attract interest, how to create and push a product people want and how to deal with others on a daily basis to create connections, loyalty and trust. Marketing is still very much driven by the experiences of its workers and that means that even without the education, there is still a very good chance you can break into the field. Good luck!