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Tips to Land a Job in Management

Management Jobs

Tips to Land Management Jobs

The first manager job is tough to wrangle and it probably won’t be one you get just by cruising job postings since most employers want managers who already have experience in management. But you can’t get the experience without that first job that many people won’t give you… well, you see the problem. However, it’s far from impossible to take that first step (otherwise there’d be no managers!) you just have to work for it. How can you leverage your existing job into an upgrade?

Do You Know What a Manager Does?

Before you start climbing the ladder, it’s a good idea to find out if that’s something you actually want to do. Not everyone is cut out for management and not everyone will enjoy it. If you want to learn more, it’s a good idea to read up on what managers do in books and online, talk to your managers and shadows them a bit on the job to see what it’s like and always ask questions. If you find that it’s not going to be a good fit, don’t bother going for it; you’ll just end up miserable and likely fired because you won’t do a good job.

Prove You Can do the Job

Good managers come from good employees and that means doing your job well! You don’t have to be the most brilliant at your job-indeed, if you are completely brilliant at your current job, you may well just want to stay there (for example, the best ad-writer may want to stay with writing, not managing). But you should have a very solid understanding of the job so that you can better manage others and help them do the job well too.

You should also make sure to take some time out to volunteer for your boss or supervisors and prove that you can do more than just your job; for example, you can take the time to gather data needed to make annual reports, take on leadership roles for events and occasions and pitch creative ideas and inspirations when the opportunity calls for it. If you can’t figure a way to do any of these things at work, start volunteering your time at a cause that the business you work with supports. This will give you good references and good experience.

People Skills

This is where I would point out that the best person at a given job is not necessarily the best manager. The best managers are those with great people skills-they have the ability to figure out how people will react when faced with different things on and off the workforce, they show respect to others and they are able to work with a range of people. Managers who can’t do this become poor managers and are usually fired. If you don’t want that in your future, develop and hone your communication and managing skills with people!

Just Ask!

How can people know what you want if you don’t ask? Talk to your boss and tell them that you’re interested in management and ask them to keep you in mind for things like committees or projects to lead in order to give you more hands-one experience and give them the chance to see you in action. As you show you are trustworthy in the little things, you’ll get larger things which should lead to a position.

In larger companies, you should also keep your eye on open positions lists and apply for entry level positions and work from there.

Management is a great position for many people and not so great for others. But if you’ve decided that this is the next best step, then good luck to you! Every company needs good management and that could be you.