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The Benefits of Working in Inventory

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Facts About Getting Jobs in Inventory Control

Working inventory is a job that seems as though it should be on the fast-tracked to being replaced, but instead is growing at an average sort of rate. It’s also the kind of job which can be great for students, mothers/fathers and people who need a flexible schedule with a focus on working independently rather than having to clock in a 9-5 schedule which isn’t always feasible. It’s also something of a dull job and it may not pay the best. Still, in the right company with the right people, how can this job be beneficial and what does it take to break into it?

What Does it Mean to be an Inventory Taker?

Inventory people are those who are hired on by a company which is in turn hired by a department store, shop, grocery store or anyone else who owns a business to run inventory checks. Inventory checks are done regularly to make sure that a store has its records of what they have in stock verified and compared against records. This can be done to do things like from verifying bookkeeping to checking on trends for what’s selling and what’s not selling. By hiring a third party to do this, the store can be sure that the report will be objective and reliable which in turn can be used to soothe shareholders, customers and marketers.

Taking inventory isn’t the most glamorous of jobs. You’ll basically be scanning everything in a department or area you’re assigned to using your scanner and that information will be compiled and sent to the retailer for record comparison. What it really entails is a close attention to detail and the ability to work alone as you’ll have to make sure everything you do is accurate and no one will really be supervising you.

Benefits of Working Inventory

It’s not a high energy or particularly fun job (unless you like tasks that don’t require a lot of creativity), but it does have it’s benefits:

  • The hours tend to be late at night or early in the morning, making it a good part-time job for anyone from working parents to college students to those who are just night owls who don’t play well with others.
  • You don’t need to have a post-secondary education; a high school diploma/GED is fine. You also don’t need any experience; you get your training on the job.
  • You can advance to management if you show an aptitude for it which gives you far better pay and hours.
    • The pay isn’t great to start-usually about minimum wage and it’s part-time at that, but the field is easy to break into and you can work hours that don’t interfere with the rest of your day-though it will interfere with your sleeping patters, so make sure you can cope with that.

      Running inventory isn’t thrilling, but with more and more retailers opening up and the need for people to run the scanners that do the work, it’s a job field with an average sort of growth rate. If you’re looking for a part time job that you can work around your life, then this could be one to consider. Good luck!