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Entry Level Insurance Jobs for Graduates

Did you just graduate with your degree in hand and ready to start working in insurance? You may be surprised and happy and overwhelmed to know that you have many options from here; insurance is a wide field and there is generally something for just about anyone who loves numbers to work with. Not only are there several entry level style jobs in insurance, but each of them generally branches out into other types of insurance jobs, so it’s pretty easy to find a niche you can excel in. But where do you start? Well, here are some entry level insurance jobs that are regularly looking for people just like you!

Customer Service Representative

By far the most common entry level insurance job is the customer service rep. They work in call centers or support a team and do things like answer calls and handle requests. If this is a good place for you, you’ll have shown a good understanding of what your company has to offer, you have great customer service skills, great people skills and be very professional. You may have to get your insurance license in order to work, but many companies will actually pay for the training. You should also try to work towards the CIP designation as that shows you are serious about moving forward.

Insurance Assistant

An insurance assistant is someone who does a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ work in a team, generally the technical and administrative support as well as handling the questions and requests from clients. They do things like prepare forms, process transaction, answer phones, deal with the mail and photocopy things. In order to be good at this job, you have to be very organized, reliable and be good with people as well with detail work and have some knowledge of the inner workings of insurance.

You should highlight on your resume at least one to two years of customer service/admin work and working towards the CIP title. This job is in demand because most teams need an assistant to keep things rolling!

Underwriter Assistant

An underwriter assistant is someone who wants to learn about underwriting firsthand. They do things like clerical and underwriting support for a team, such as researching leads, inputting data, reviewing reports and handing reception. If this sounds good to you, you should be highlighting your professionalism, organization and flexible skills and be very well versed in problem solving as well as people skills. You’ll stand a better chance of landing the job if you have a degree and you show you’ll work towards CIP designation.

Underwriter Trainee

An underwriter trainee is… well, just that; an underwriter learning the ropes. They do things like review applications and recommend coverage packages after looking at the risks. If you want this job, you should have very strong people skills, be able to work independently and learn quickly as well as having the ability to research and analyze things extremely well. You also need to be working towards your CIP designation if you want to advance.

Risk Analyst

Finally, there is the risk analyst job which is also pretty self explanatory. If you’re working in this field, you’ll be analyzing the client’s risks and working with your team to create new accounts for businesses, plus doing things like conducting surveys, preparing reports and recording assessments to give clients and underwriters the best advice possible. It’s important to have great communication skills and a good understanding of insurance, but you’ll also probably enjoy some great on-job training, so don’t fret yourself to pieces!

In all of these branches, it’s very important to have great communication skills, a head for numbers and research, the ability to work alone and in a team and usually a post-secondary degree in something like business, accounting or finance. While you will get more targeted training on the job, the more prior knowledge and experience you already have (from school or customer service jobs, etc), the better your chances will be of actually landing that job. All of these entry level jobs are in demand, you always have the chance to advance and you can really enjoy helping others and working with numbers. If any of this rings a bell with you, then start hunting for your insurance job and good luck!