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Working With Your Hands: Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Get Jobs Installing StuffDo you like working with your hands and using critical thinking?

Do you like working with tools, putting things together, pulling them apart, making things work, fixing things and keeping things running?

Then working in installation, maintenance and repair might be a good idea. This is an exceptionally broad field of work, covering everything from cars to air conditioners, from furnaces to speaker systems, from computers to big power plants!

There is cutting edge technology at work such as solar energy, wind turbines, space exploration gear and of course, new computers and the tried and true fields such as automobile repairs and electrical wiring.

If you like to work with your hands and get things running, chances are there is a place for you somewhere!

Figuring Out Where to Start

So how do you go about choosing which sorts of things you want to be working on? Well, you should look at things like what’s going to be demand over the next few years, what pays well and what kind of things you enjoy doing. A quick break down via the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is a good place to start.

Highest paid jobs:

  • Electrical/electronics repair
  • Commercial divers
  • Electrical power line installation and repair
  • Management
  • Telecommunications installation and repair
  • Lowest Paid:

  • Tire repair and change
  • Bicycle repair
  • Helpers
  • Fabric menders (NOT clothing)
  • Manufactured building/mobile home installation
  • Most in demand jobs:

  • Electrical and electronics repairs
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Least in demand:

  • Tire repairs and changing
  • Bicycle repairs
  • These aren’t bad places to start looking (or start avoiding) if you’re just looking for a job that will be around for a while and will pay well. However, if none of these float your boat, then there are plenty of other jobs in the field; after all, just about every aspect of our lives is touched by something that requires installing, maintaining and repairing! These include: aircraft mechanics, motorboat mechanics, radio mechanics, rail car repair, riggers, computer repair, Avionics technicians, locksmiths and many, many more!

    Getting Into Installation, Maintenance and Repair

    Although the type of work you can do in this field runs from airplanes to cell phones and everything in between, most jobs have similar requirements. You need to have good people skills, including customer or client skills or simply being able to work well with others, and you need to be able to use technology such as computers and phones properly. You need to be able to use and understand the tools of your trade and you need to stay up to date on any new innovations and technologies that will impact how you do your work. You need to have knowledge of how to keep everyone safe and secure and you need to know how to put things together and pull them apart.

    On a personal level, it’s a good idea to have an analytical mind, an eye for detail, the ability to work with your hands, the ability to stay upright for long periods of time, be able to carry weights, be fairly mobile, and be able to get in and out of tight/high/low spots without too much trouble. You should also simply enjoy working with tools and machinery.

    Some of these jobs-such as helpers-don’t require much in the way of education or experience, but you won’t be making very good money either. Most install/repair/maintain jobs do require some level of education-high school or a degree or certificate in engineering, installation, etc. If you don’t have the education, it’s a good idea to have an equivalent amount of experience and really showcase how your skills and life experiences will help a company succeeds. The more education and experience you have, the more interesting work you’ll do and the better you’ll be paid, so it’s a good idea to hit the books! You should also show that you are willing to always keep learning as many of the jobs in this field require you to stay on top of new trends and technology.

    It all starts with you loving to work with your hands and put things together (or pull them apart). If this sounds like you, take a look at the many jobs that fall under the heading of installation, repair and maintenance and see if one of them is your dream job come true. Good luck!