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Facts About Getting Work in Hospitality

Hospitality JobsThe field of ‘hospitality’ refers to working in places where people stay away from their homes such as hotels, motels, resorts and lodges. These places run the gamut from five star, ultra deluxe resorts to small backpackers’ lodges; from motels in busy cities to little Bed and Breakfasts in the countryside. But all of these places have something in common: the people who work in them are there to help others feel comfortable, at home, and rested enough to continue doing whatever it is that brought them to that place, whether it’s tourism, business or just for a break from reality for a while. If you enjoy a fast paced job with plenty of change, the chance to meet a wide range of people and helping others feel more comfortable, then hospitality may be just the field for you.

Qualifications to Get a Job in Hospitality

For the most part, you don’t need any official qualifications to get into hospitality. You simply need to highlight your ability to communicate, move quickly, enjoy helping people and be organized with a good memory! Most people who work in hospitality start out as a waiter/waitress, bartender or someone like a cleaner or receptionist. Moving up the ladder is usually a matter of having experience and showing a willingness to keep learning, though if you want to work as management in a big chain, you may want to consider getting a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, hospitality, business management, human resources or accounting and finance. There are also two year degrees in hospitality, hotel management and tourism which can help you get your foot in the door. However, you don’t need to start with these; working in hospitality is very much an entry level, ground floor sort of opportunity and that means much of your advancement will depend on your ability to show you’ve earned it.

Keep in mind that as a ground floor sort of position, many hospitality jobs don’t pay the best. You’ll usually start part time and the hourly rate is usually low and has to be bolstered by tips (Though if you’re a good people person and good at your job, you may make far more in tips than hourly!). It’s important to be patient and make sure you either have you finances in order or you’re willing to work two jobs for a while before working up towards management and beyond, if that’s your goal. Otherwise, working in hospitality is a good way to make some summer income as a student or as good filler between jobs.

Breaking Into the Industry

Like we said before, it’s not precisely hard to break into hospitality; after all, it’s considered a ground level area. However, if you want to make absolutely sure you’ll get a job, or at least vastly improve your odds, there are a few things you can take advantage of. Start by accepting part time positions and as many different ones as you can because that will give you a wide range of experiences. Take advantage of internships if you’re a student and check out foreign student opportunities if you want to go traveling. And brush up on your extra languages; if you can speak more than your native tongue, you’ll be more employable. And of course, showing your work experience in related areas, the ability to stay on top of changes and handle people and multiple tasks with a smile are all good highlights to put on your resume.

Working in hospitality isn’t easy, but if you thrive off of interacting with lots of people, enjoy helping others and can stay on top of a wide range of tasks, then it could be right for you. Good luck and have fun and remember that if nothing else, working in hospitality gives you lots of skills and plenty of stories. Enjoy!