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Breaking into an ‘executive’ field can be hard; you really have to prove you know what you’re doing in your field, you have to prove it and you have to be able to handle a vast array of responsibilities and people. Furthermore, with baby boomers lasting longer in their jobs and many employers reluctant to hire on fresh faces, it can seem to the thirty-somethings that executive positions are growing fewer on the ground. While this may be the case in some fields, it is not necessarily the case in others; in 2013, three broad areas saw a growth in the demand for executive level jobs instead of stagnation or loss. Where should you be pitching your executive skills?

Technology Executives

Technology is constantly growing and changing and it’s important to have a good human mind behind the changes. It’s also important to have someone managing all of the different digital, media and technological outlets so that no company is left behind. Positions that have been opening up include digital marketing (creating marketing programs across platforms like online, mobile and signs for sales and memberships), a consumer internet chief to manage a business’ online presence, from social media to content creation to partnerships, analytics for big data (someone to make sense of all of the data pouring in across different media platforms), a chief marketing information officer to handle a range of technologies tied to marketing and design, evaluate, implement, manage and optimize different technologies, and a multichannel director, someone who can work in both the internet and traditional retail to handle things like social media, follow trends in buyer behaviour and manage online experiences as well as offline. The hottest job of all is a VP of Cloud Services, someone who can develop the newest generation of cloud software and services which is a hot sector for businesses.

Finance Executives

In the wake of the rocky economic times in the States, more and more financial services are looking for experts to keep it from happening again (or at least help the organization weather the storm better). Stronger regulations also mean that people are required to stay on top of things (compliance manager, officer, government and regulatory affairs managers), someone who can protect and manage risks in finances (Chief Risk Officer), people to come up with strategies for assets (asset management) and of course, people to help out with wealth management.

Health Industry Executives

With the baby boomers aging and more and more diseases cropping up to be managed, it’s important to have executives who can overlook the changes. These include Chief Operations and Integration Officer (someone to create new partnerships with other hospitals and groups), Chief Business Officers to handle market potentials and ideas for hardware, software and informatics in hospitals, and marketing, sales force and market access which all handle different aspects of marketing medicine, healthcare and the sales force and effectiveness. And just like in the digital world, healthcare also requires executives to handle information such as Big data, digital marketing and cloud technology to integrate it into a hospital setting and help patients and doctors alike.

For the most part, executives of today are going to end up bridging the gap between people and the burst of technology which has come about in the last few years. This means that means to land an executive position in health, technology, fiancé or anywhere else, you need to have a working grasp of things like cloud software, social media, marketing and/or Big Data and analytics. If you can manage these things and you know what larger field you want to work in, it becomes much easier to climb the corporate ladder. Good luck!