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The Growing Field of Engineering

Although many fields of employment are shrinking or remain stagnant, there are many fields which are exploding and one of them is engineering across many disciplines. Broadly speaking, engineering is all about making something-whether it’s buildings, software, or electrical work-work better, more efficiently and smoothly, as well as maintaining and fixing existing systems. With an increasing demand in things like software, better buildings, more eco-friendly systems, and more efficient power systems and a shrinking work force due to the retirement of boomers, engineering is fast becoming an in-demand field with not enough coming graduates to fill the need. So what fields of engineering are on the fast-track of growth and how can you break into them?

Engineering Fields on the Move

There are many engineering fields out there, but several of them stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of an upswing in employment needs and general interesting changes in technology and culture. These include:

    1. Oil and Gas Extraction engineering jobs, such as geotechnical work, petroleum engineers and mechanical engineering
    2. Mining engineering jobs
    3. Environmental engineering
    4. Cloud technology and software engineering
    5. Bioengineering-the practice of combining biology and engineering in the field of medicine; examples include, designing artificial heart valves, devices to aid in speech and motor function and prosthetic devices
    6. Nano-engineering-The practice of manipulated the world on a molecular level to do things like improve battery life, improve solar cells and do things like apply make-up and surgery!

These are all exciting fields and any of them require you to use critical thinking, work with your hands, have good planning skills and stay on the cutting edge of technology and science.

Breaking Into the Field of Engineering

No matter what type of engineer you want to be, there are some commonalities in how you can break into the field. If you want to work as an engineer, what do you need to do in order to start working?

Starting with your education, you should have a background that highlights the ability to work in a team, good communication skills, and good problem solving skills, good business sense, leadership skills, management potential and a strong technical background. You’ll end up taking many mathematics and physics classes as part of your degree as well as doing a lot of hands-on work. The degree usually takes about four years and includes many hands-on projects or one big one which you can then use as part of your resume to land a job.

Once you start looking for work, it’s important to take advantage of things like recruitment fairs while you’re in school to land a job with larger companies and apply for jobs with smaller ones in the traditional manner. There are then usually three interviews; the first one which is pretty standard and introduces you to the business and the business to you, a technical interview which will query your technical skills, including problem solving and principles in engineering and an HR interview which goes into how you deal with people and the organization on a more personal level. Many large firms start hiring new graduates even before they graduate-before Christmas even-so that the hiring is all finished by exam time.

If you’re looking for work after you’re done school, then make sure your resume highlights your experiences, education, and skills and make sure to apply everywhere you possibly can in order to improve your chances. But if you’re going to school to be an engineer anyway, take advantage of the recruitment fairs and networking opportunities to land a job more easily after you graduate.

Engineering is a fantastic field, but it can be stressful to get into. If you’re still in school or going to school for it, it’s important to take advantage of things like job fairs and internships. If you’re done school and looking for work, it’s important to apply to as many jobs as possible, highlight your projects and enter your interviews with confidence and a positive attitude. Good luck and remember, your skills are in demand!