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Customer Service Jobs

Tips for Getting a Job in Customer Service

Customer service jobs are considered to be one of the stepping stones towards working in other sector; it’s the industry where fresh graduates usually end up, high school students may end up and many college students. Customer service ranges from retail jobs such as clothing and soap to service jobs such as waitressing and bartending. While many people have their horror stories about working in service, still many others have a good time, depending on their experiences. And getting a job in customer service isn’t necessarily hard, but how do you improve the odds of getting one you’ll actually enjoy, at least for the time you’ll be there?

Choose a Sector Which Suits You

All customer service jobs have several things in common such as having to deal with people in a fair and even handed manner without losing your temper, they require you to be able to stay on your feet for long hours, and they require you to be compassionate and caring. But within that large scope, there are many smaller areas. Do you want to work in a small, more intimate shop or do you like the hustle and bustle of a big box store? Do you want to serve food or sell clothing? Do you want something to push that is more unique or something that most people want? Making these decisions is important if you want to get a customer service job which you will actually enjoy.

Are You Right for the Job?

Sure, anyone can get a customer service job, but many people just won’t enjoy it and with a world of things like freelancing, internships and entrepreneurships, there’s no reason to get a job you will really hate. People who will enjoy (or at least tolerate) customer service jobs share some similar features, including:

  • Great communication skills
  • The Ability to handle good and bad customers with equal aplomb
  • Patience, compassion and a willingness to help out when you’re needed
  • A good work ethic
  • You have experience with dealing with the public (for higher paying jobs) and you enjoy doing it
  • You have a passion for and knowledge of what you’ll be selling (from tech to clothing!)
  • You like to please others
  • You have good multi-tasking and basic tech skills (phone lines and computers)
  • You don’t mind being managed

Getting a Job in Customer Service

Getting a job isn’t necessarily going to be hard; there are always customer service jobs out there and people to work them are in demand. But getting one you like and can do is another matter. Just like any other sector, getting a good job in customer service means being able to present yourself in a professional manner, catering your resume to highlight things like your ability to be organized, be helpful and be outgoing. You don’t necessarily need a related education (because there really isn’t one other than communication studies) and you may or may not have or need much in the way of experience, but you do need to show things like a willingness to help others and a passion for whatever you happen to be selling.

The real trick of customer service jobs is finding one that you’ll like, selling things you believe in (or at least enjoy) and being able to wok with the public. If you can do all that, finding a job in customer service, keeping it and getting the most from it will be cinch, so get out there and do it!