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Tips for Getting Consultant Jobs

Lots of people search for a job as a consultant, but there are many more who aren’t quite sure what it is and how to get into it. A consultant is someone who helps a company or organization figure out problems (both potential and actual) and how to solve them, figure out what to do next and make a workplace more efficient and more productive. This is a fairly large and somewhat vague scope, but the long and the short of it is that a consultant is there to help a business do better by providing an objective view. Consultants can work as freelancers/independent contractors or they can work for a larger firm that does all of the work in finding jobs to match up with the right consultants.

If you enjoy helping people do better, assisting businesses in improving themselves and generally working on strengthening an organization, consulting may be right for you. But how do you break into this business?

Education and Experience

There really is no such thing as an ‘entry level’ consultant; instead, you need to have a good education and some good experience to back it up. Education is almost always at least a college degree, including engineer, math, information tech, computer science and economics, but you could also go on for a graduate degree in business or something else related to your field of study.

It’s also important to get as much related experience as possible. For example, as a student, it’s important to do things like take courses which are heavy into projects where you can show your leadership. If you’re transferring from one job to consulting, highlight your reputation and experience as a leader in your industry such as awards, publications and good recommendations.

Research Your Available Options

Whether you’re a recent graduate or someone looking to transition, it’s important to do your homework. Research and emulate other consultants to learn more about how to get an edge and get some tips. Research the industry to see how a company could benefit from your expertise and figure out how best to pitch yourself. And always promote yourself properly; speak with confidence about what you have to offer, focus on your accomplishments and always look at how you can best benefit a business.

If you’d prefer to work for a consulting firm, then apply to as many as possible and use social media to put yourself out there, such as LinkedIn to connect with firms and your college alumni association to connect with others in the business. Then approach these firms with your credentials and ask for an interview for more information as well as of course, a job!

You can easily transfer from freelancing to a firm or a firm to freelancing and it can give you valuable experience. For example, you could work as a ‘freelance’ consultant on the side to learn more about the industry and if you like it, bring your clients on as part of your pitch to work for a firm. Or you could work for a firm to get experience and a stronger portfolio and then turn to freelancing to create your own schedule.

Consulting is all about showing businesses that you have something in your experience and education that you can use to improve their business. It means a fine blend of self promotion, education, experience, and knowing how to talk to people, but for many, this is a perfect way to make good money, find success and feel good about work. Whether you want to freelance, be self-employed or work in a firm, this is a great job to help you stretch your wings and do more with your degree. If all of this sounds good to you, start leveraging your resume and start looking for your next dream job. Good luck!