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If you love building things and working with your hands then you’ve probably considered a career in construction. Construction is a fairly reliable and steady job, allowing you to do things like build houses, furniture, office buildings and other things which are always needed at some point. You may work by building things from the ground up or in repairs or both! Whatever aspects of construction you choose to specialize in, odds are that you’ll be able to find a steady job. But did you know that there are actually three very broad routes to your dream job? This makes construction one of the more flexible career paths to take as well as being rewarding.

1. Go to school and learn it: Most colleges offer construction certificates where you learn about things like the tools you’ll be using, building styles, history, architecture, design and computer programs that could come up in the job. There are tons of educational paths you could take, from wood working to construction management to construction administration. If you want to do more than hammer boards together, getting a formal education is probably the best way to do it. You can usually be done in one to two years, do distance education or traditional education, and make your money back in fairly short order once you start working.

2. Apprenticeships: Another way to go is to go through an apprenticeship where you can enroll in a program that will put to work under a construction company or instructor so that you can learn hands-on skills right away. This route of education can be a little trickier as the requirements may be stricter and the waiting list tighter, but it is an option, particularly if you want to save money.

3. Learning on the job: Some employers are willing to hire construction workers off the street (basically) and train the on the job, but this can be really hard and stressful. Make sure your resume highlights ways in which you will be useful right away, any related experience and a willingness to learn and learn quickly! The advantages of going this route though is that you learn completely hands-on, you get paid right away, and you can build up loyalty between yourself, your company and your co-workers right away. Construction is one of the few jobs left where you can learn hands-on and go from only knowing bits to really knowing your job. However, it is important to network regularly, have a good resume, be patient in your job hunt and look for opportunities wherever you can.

No matter which route you choose to take in order to learn construction, it’s important to be clever, creative, hard-working, careful and physically able. If this describes you and you’ve been trying to find an outlet for it, start looking at your options for construction work and go! It’s a great career with good job prospects (especially with so many retiring from the trades), great perks and a fun way to use your creativity and your hands. Enjoy!