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Tips for Landing a Job in Broadcasting

Broadcasting Jobs

Tips for Getting Jobs in Broadcasting

Do you enjoy talking about things like world events, bringing information to others, getting up in front of a camera or in front of a radio to speak?

Do you have a strong personality, good looks/good voice and enjoy talking to the world?

Then broadcasting may be right for you, but the job field isn’t necessarily easy to break into and requires some advance planning.

If you’re thinking about making broadcasting your career of choice, what should you start doing now to make it big later?

1. Go to the Right School.

You will need an education in broadcasting, journalism, writing and reporting in order to work. Make sure you go to a school which features a good program in journalism, gives you the opportunity for as much exposure to broadcasting as you can get (such as a radio show and/or television show run by the school), gives you chances at internships and conferences and all around gives you the best education and experience possible so that you have a good portfolio and resume when you finish up.

2. Take advantage of any and all internship opportunities you can get.

Apply for them through your school and utilize them to make friends with people like the camera crew and other broadcasters to further your education and give you solid experience. Internships will also help you decide if this really is the job for you!

3. Create both a resume and cover letter catered to job prospects and a tape or DVD.

This ‘demo’ will be what will actually land you the job as it will show prospective employers what you have to offer first hand. Do things like a montage of on-camera work such as anchoring, stand-ups and live shots and then include longer pieces of you work such as reporting, anchoring or both. Make sure it’s good quality and really showcases your good side!

Put your work out there! You can use sites such as or build your own website and post your work there. This gives you additional exposure and you can easily link people to your work. Just don’t put your links in any emails; instead, use whatever method the company prefers when they use these sites to look for applicants.

4. Send your tapes out! This is still a standard way to look for jobs.

5. Do your homework about the places with which you will interview.

Make sure you address you cover letter to the person doing the hiring, take some time to get to know the company and how you can fit into it and then make sure you finish up with a few good, relevant questions to ask at the interview (and not related to your salary!) All of these things will show that you actually care about the place with which you want to work which will bolster your employability.

In your resume and interview, mention any sort of volunteer experience and extra things you’ve done to really get broadcasting experience.

It’s definitely not easy to break into broadcasting; it’s a competitive field and it’s two parts education and experience and one part simply subjective things like how pleasing your voice is, your personality and how you look (in the case of television broadcasting). But if you’re determined on it, this can definitely be a great place to start working. Good luck in landing your job in broadcasting!