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Tips for Driving Your Way to Success in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Jobs

Automotive Jobs

Working in the automotive field is a rewarding career for many people; you get to work with your hands, make good money, and fiddle with cars and trucks and help people drive safely for a longer period of time. And getting the schooling you need isn’t hard either; most colleges have a program in automotive repair and technology to help you get work. But getting the education isn’t enough; if you want to land a good job early on, you have to make sure that you are irresistible to employers and that means going a little above and beyond. What should you do to ensure that you are driving towards success, not a crash?

Get Involved

Employers look at more than just your experience level and if you’re fresh from school, you won’t have much experience anyway. But that’s ok! Make sure that you have other things to highlight such as a high attendance record (showing dedication), a letter from an instructor that talks about how involved you were in classes, how you helped others and what your strengths are, and get involved in extracurricular projects. You can even showcase your own personal projects such as pulling apart and putting together your own car, helping friends and family, and any love of unique vehicles you may have and be pursuing. The more involved you are with your passion, the more employers will like you because you’ll show dedication and willingness to always be learning.

Clean up Your Records

Things like having a clean and up to date driving record, low to no incident cases with your insurance, and a clean bill of health (driving wise) all show that you are responsible and won’t be a liability to the company or yourself. Another good thing to do is to keep your social media tidy; get rid of compromising pictures, keep your status updates and Tweets clean and treat it like another part of your portfolio and resume. More and more employers are looking at prospective employee’s social media, so keep it professional.

Show Off Your Tools

Make sure you include a photo of the equipment you already possess and at the interview, outline how you intend to grow your supplies. This is important because it shows you are organized and are willing to help the company save money by providing your own tools. Indeed, most automotive jobs now expect that their engineers will provide most of their own tools, at least of the portable variety. Show off your collection and make plans to add to it according to what your choice of employers will need you to have.

Get Involved in the Community

There are many automotive communities you can take part in, both online and offline. There are associations catering to all manner of vehicular tastes, groups for students, professional associations and of course, car shows and networking events. Get involved! You can not only have fun hanging out with like-minded people, but you may also get the inside scoop on a job opening before it becomes public knowledge, get to know others in the industry who may be able to give you a leg-up and get more experience for your CV.

Most importantly, as with any career, follow your passions! If you are genuinely interested in working in the field of automotive repair, then immerse yourself in the courses, the networking, the events, and the people who have been there before you. Take advantage of everything you can and run with it to show how much you love the field and how much of an asset you will be to an employer. Good luck!